Die Antwoord. Ten$Ion
Die Antwoord. Ten$Ion
Формат: LP (Винил)
Тип упаковки: Картонный конверт
Исполнитель: Die Antwoord
Стиль: Рок
Жанр: Альбом
Дистрибьютор: Traum Baum
Лейбл: Downtown
Дата релиза: 10.07.2015
Производство: Европа
Наличие: Под заказ (Срок ожидания до 30 рабочих дней)
EAN: 0878037026863
3 140р.
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1.Never Le Nkemise 1
2.I Fink U Freeky
3.Pielie (Skit)
4.Hey Sexy
5.Fatty Boom Boom
6.Zefside Zol (Interlude)
7.So What?
8.Uncle Jimmy (Skit)
9.Baby's on Fire
10.U Make a Ninja Wanna F*#k
11.Fok Julle Naaiers
12.DJ Hi-Tek Rulez
13.Never Le Nkemise 2

Vinyl LP pressing. Die Antwoord, the eclectic South African rap posse who taught you what zef was, are back with news of a new record, Ten$ion, weirder facial hair, more stick and poke tattoos, and another kind of gross and thus infinitely rewatchable video. Ten$ion is coming February 7 via Die Antwoord's own label, but in the meantime you can watch the video for its first single "Fok Julle Naaires," if you're not (spoiler alert) creeped out by large insects. It's a typical Die Antwoord song, all impressive and incomprehensible raps (with the exception of DJ Hi-Tek's turn at the mic towards the end, which is, um, neither of the above) from Ninja and Yo-Landi. We don't know what "Fok Julle Naaires" means, but it sounds serious.