De-Phazz. Na?ve
De-Phazz. Na?ve
Формат: CD
Тип упаковки: DigiPack
Исполнитель: De-Phazz
Стиль: Неопределен
Жанр: Альбом
Дистрибьютор: Traum Baum
Лейбл: Edel Content
Дата релиза: 31.05.2013
Производство: Европа
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EAN: 4029759086468
1 962р.
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1.I Saw It on the Radio
3.The Mambo Craze
5.Jazz Music
6.Something Special
8.Bye Bye Love
9.Jim the Jinn
10.My Society
11.Heavy Dream Rotation
13.Easy Goodbye
14.Time Slips
16.Maybe San Jose

"An acoustic guitar is actually something that does not work for DePhazz. And that's what makes this record really exciting, "says Pit Baumgartner, mastermind and head screwdriver DePhazz of his latest prank. With this awareness, the "transistor Kid" leads his band on "Naive" in a brave new world of acoustic sounds - where previously Dub, Pop, Jazz, Soul, Lounge, Trip Hop, Mambo and electro grooves ruled it sounds now gorgeous contemporary. According to folk. Together with guitarist Adax Dorsam, DePhazz a musician of the first hour, Baumgartner has interpreted some classic old-school DePhazz totally new to "Naive" over the years. "Then take the vocals from 1997 to brand new arrangements. And soon you recognize what actually is in pieces like "The Mambo Craze" or "Jim the Jinn". Just next to a good sound production still a great song. "In fact, it looks as if the songs would have to be peeled, as if they had dropped time intellectual ballast to crawl right out of the 90 Lounge in the iPod.